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The time has come for you to plan one of the most significant events of your life – your wedding! I bet that a lot of you already have a wedding binder tucked away somewhere that you made when you were very little. Now is the perfect time to blow the dust off it. But considering that it was made years ago, I imagine that most of the things included are outdated and don’t really fit with your modern expectations. Still, if you’re going for a retro wedding theme, you’re all set! The binder won’t do you much of a solid. The next step would be to spend hours on end browsing through Instagram and Pinterest, looking at all kinds of gorgeous weddings – which in turn can make you feel quite overwhelmed. As a result, it’s no wonder why you’re asking yourself, ‘What is my wedding style?’

Let me provide you with some relief – choosing the perfect wedding theme is no easy feat, and many soon-to-be-weds find themselves in the same position as you. Additionally, planning an ethereal celebration of love is a meticulous process and shouldn’t be rushed at all! For that reason, in this blog, I’ll show you what steps you need to take in order to find the wedding style that suits you best!

Find Your Wedding Style

  1. Think Long And Hard About Your Wedding Style
wedding style ideas

Shocker, I know, but in order to find a theme that speaks to you, you need to reflect on your preferences. You’ll begin with the major aspects – what your dream venue looks like, whether you want an intimate affair or a lavish gala, and the overall vibe of your wedding theme. Then, think about all the intricate details like flowers, stationery, attire, and so forth. Once you have a general sense of the style you’re going for, you can proceed to the next step.

  1. Narrow Down Your Search
how to find your wedding style

Based on your previous experience searching for wedding style ideas on social media, it’s quite natural that you stray away from it. However, you were feeling overwhelmed because you had too many options in front of you. Your search was too wide! Now, your search results will be more specific, and you’ll find inspiration that’s on par with your style. I also suggest searching for real weddings since it will be easier to picture yourself having one in a similar ambiance.

Choosing Your Wedding Colors

  1. Choose Your Colors
choosing your wedding colors to go with your wedding style

Choosing your wedding color theme as early as possible will also help you come up with a style that’s a complete reflection of yourselves. You can either go for the ones that you really love or look for palettes that are trending at the moment. For instance, luxury weddings feature a lot of white with hints of striking gold shade. More classic ones are adorned with shimmering silvers. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your colors. Just make sure they complement each other well. You don’t want anything to be off your wedding theme.

Enjoy Your Wedding Style!

  1. Make Sure You Enjoy The Style
Enjoying your wedding style or wedding theme

Like most things in life, appearances aren’t everything. The same goes for your wedding theme. Yes, you want everything to look picture-perfect, but what’s the point if you don’t enjoy it? For instance, maximalist weddings with a lot of bold colors and decor are all the rave for the current season. Since you’re aiming for a modern celebration of love, you might be compelled to go for it. Though deep down, you know that this is not how you imagined the style of your wedding will look like. Even if you decide to use it, you know from the start that you won’t fully like it. For that reason, always listen to your judgment and go for a theme that strikes your heart and soul.

Hire A Wedding Planner!

  1. Get A Wedding Planner!

You’re Off to A Great Start!

As you’re reading this, know that we’re only scratching the surface of a wedding theme. There’s a lot more you need to think about in the future. This is typically followed by a lot of nervous moments. In turn, this can make the planning process not at all enjoyable. That is exactly what you don’t want! With that in mind, hiring a wedding planner is the most suitable option for you! The right planner will nail your style to perfection. Plus, they will make the process so easy that you can just relax and take delight every step of the way!

I hope these tips will help you choose the wedding theme of your dreams. Remember, this is a meticulous process with many hidden details that are typically overlooked. That is why you should ideally hire a wedding planner! If you’re searching for one, I suggest you go to my website and schedule a consultation – free of charge! With my expertise and your vision, we’ll bring life to the wedding you’ve always dreamed about!


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